Sustainable Practices


Our journey towards becoming a more sustainably-led, ethically driven and socially conscious brand began with one challenge — to create an entire sustainable collection from 100% sustainable products and materi- als. The increased global conversation on new sustainable fabrics led the team to discover important developments in the industry. Our aim is to challenge perceptions of the sustainable aesthetic and introduce stake- holders and customers alike to the possibilities which rival, if not surpass the quality of traditionally produced/non-sustainable luxury materials. For our debut A20 Sustainable Capsule we found that 12% of the collection was produced using Tier 1 - sustainable materials. This being Lenzing Ecovero Viscose & 45% was produced using Teir 2. This is a re- sult we will achieve every season.

To understand more about the materials used, please see below:

ECO-VERO VISCOSE - A recently developed fabric, Ecovero is the newest fabric to be developed to replace generic viscose. Viscose is made from wood pulp, but can be taken from forests that are not thriving - having more of a negative impact on the environment. Eco vero viscose has been developed specifically by the company LENZING where the fibres are only taken from an Alpine forest in Austria.

100% AIRWASH LINEN - used for both the SUMMER FLORAL / DITSY FLORAL print stories and all plain dyes. Linen is one of the oldest sustainable fabrics known to man, dating back to the Egyptians - it’s durable and easy to look after, perfect for a wash and wear lifestyle.

ORGANIC COTTON - Organic Cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilisers, protecting the health of ecosystems and the people involved in the production process. Despite accounting for only 2.4% of global agricultural output, non-organic cotton accounts for 24% of the world’s insecticide use and 11% of pesticides. Global Organic Tex- tile Standard (GOTS) traces the organic content and entire process of cotton production ensuring the material is processed ethically and sus- tainably. Only materials which contain a minimum of 75% natural fibres can be considered for the GOTS certification 6.

RECYCLED PET POLYESTER - Recycled Polyester is made from old plastic bottles, industrial polyester waste and old garments. This process reduces the amount of waste going to landfills, producing less air pollution and reducing the dependence on petroleum as a necessary raw material. The process creates 75% less CO2 emissions than virgin polyester.

ORGANIC HEMP - Hemp is a natural fibre derived from stems of plants like flax, jute and stinging nettle. Hemp is a low-impact crop requiring
4 x less water than cotton when considering the growing cycle, through to processing & production. Hemp does not require pesticides and uses half the area of land in comparison to cotton to produce the same yield.